Kathleen Gillis, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist

Custody/Parenting Time Study

I conduct Custody and Parenting Time Studies that are either court-ordered or per stipulation. As a forensic evaluator, I am a neutral and objective third party. The work I do is to assist the court, regardless of who pays my fees.   


I conduct a thorough, structured evaluation that follows APA and AFCC guidelines. Statutory criteria are addressed in my evaluation. The evaluation includes (but is not limited to):

  • 3-5 Individual Interviews of each party
  • Parent-Child Observations with each child
  • Individual Interviews with each child, depending on age
  • Home Visits, as I deem necessary
  • Psychological Testing (I administer and interpret myself; I do not contract out)
  • Behavior rating scales regarding the child(ren)
  • Additional Testing as I deem appropriate
  • Interviews of collateral contacts
  • Review of supporting documentation


Prior to beginning a Custody and Parenting Time Study, I must receive:

  • Signed Court Order appointing me as evaluator
  • Signed Service Agreement
  • Retainer payment

In general, a final report can be expected approximately 12 weeks after commencement of the study. However, this is only an estimate. The actual completion date is affected by many factors specific to the individual case. I highly prefer to complete the final report at least two weeks prior to the court date.


I specialize in working with families in high-conflict divorce situations. I have over 15 years of experience in adult and child psychology and have conducted over 800 evaluations for Juvenile Court involving Parental Competency (Termination of Parental Rights) and children's parenting needs (including attachment issues). In addition, I have expertise in interpersonal violence, parental substance abuse, physiological and psychological effects of trauma, characterological issues in adults, unique needs of adolescents, neuropsychological functioning, and family dynamics. I also have extensive experience providing expert testimony in this regard.

Prior to establishing a private practice, I worked in private clinics, educational settings, juvenile and adult detention facilities, and community mental health agencies. As part of my professional practice, I regularly attend seminars and conferences, keep abreast of current research, and consult with other professionals who do similar work. I am also the President of the Oregon AFCC Chapter.

Please see my Curricuum Vitae for additional details about my experience.


I charge a flat fee which needs to be paid in full prior to beginning the evaluation. The flat fee includes most aspects of the study; however, it does not include outside assessments or evaluations of additional legal parties, travel outside the Portland/Metro area, or court involvement.

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