Kathleen Gillis, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist

Parent Coordination

Parent Coordination is designed to assist parents establish and maintain a healthy relationship by reducing opportunities for parental conflict and the risk factors that influence a child’s post-divorce adjustment. It is an extensive service intended for a specifically-trained professionals to use in collaboration with the courts. The overall purpose is to ensure that the child’s best interests are served post-divorce. Through education, mediation and case management, the family’s progress is monitored to ensure that parents are fulfilling their obligations to their child while complying with the recommendations of the court.

Parent Coordination services require a Court Order appointing me. I do not provide Parent Coordination Services unless they are ordered by the Court.

The role of the Parent Coordinator is determined by the authority granted in the Court Order. In general, Court Orders assign Parent Coordinators the ability to mediate disputes between the parties, and to make formal and informal recommendations to the court when parents cannot agree.

Although individual Parent Coordinators may approach families differently, Parent Coordination includes some basic components. Generally, Parent Coordinators have the following responsiblities:

  • Educate parents regarding the impact of divorce and parental conflict on children
  • Coach parents on communication and negotiation skills, with emphasis on co-parenting
  • Assist parents with general parenting issues
  • Assist parents in transitioning from their roles as former spouses to co-parents
  • Reduce emotional attachment to the marital relationship
  • Help parents identify their own contribution to conflict while increasing impulse control
  • Identify the impasses to effective communication and design interventions to overcome these impasses
  • Distinguish and reduce behaviors characteristic of parental estrangement
  • Recognize the therapeutic needs of the family members and make the appropriate referrals
  • Assess the emotional impact of parental behaviors on the children
  • Advocate for and safeguard the emotional and physical needs of the children
  • Monitor compliance with the existing parenting plan
  • Ensure that both parents maintain an ongoing relationship with their children
  • Record and monitor family progress and compliance
  • Mediate parenting concerns in order to reach a consensus
  • Work with parents in developing a detailed plan for issues such as discipline, decision-making procedures, extracurricular activities, and communication

Unless otherwise indicated by the Court Order, the Parent Coordinator assumes the responsibilities outlined above. It is understood that the Parent Coordinator cannot change overall time sharing or the legal custody status of the children. 

Please also note that Parent Coordination services are NOT covered by health insurance.

Before attempting to request that the Court appoint me as PC, please contact me to make sure that I am accepting new cases, and so I can provide you with my template Court Order. I do need to review the Court Order to ensure that it meets my requirements. I cannot provide PC services without a Court Order. I also require that the parties agree to abide by my Service Agreement, Payment Policies, and Expert Testimony Agreement.

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