Kathleen Gillis, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist

I conduct therapy with individuals, couples, and families. In particular, I have expertise helping adults go through the process of divorce and make the transition to post-divorce life; helping  children and teens adjust to the changes in their family structure and routine; and in helping parents transition to co-parenting roles in a way that benefits the children and minimizes stress for all involved.

A significant portion of my therapeutic practice is also dedicated to working with pre-teen and adolescent girls (and their families) as they navigate through adolescence and into adulthood.

I do not provide reunification therapy, although I can refer you to other professionals who specialize in this service.

I am not a preferred provided for any insurance carrier, and I do not bill insurance directly. If you wish you use benefits from your health insurance carrier, you may submit full payment to me at the time of service. I can then provide documentation necessary for you to request reimbursement directly from your insurance carrier. 

Please also note that due to the ever-increasing high bank fees, I am no longer able to accept credit card payments.


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